This is hip hop at it's finest.. Where you find it? In a ziploc.

Website Analysis

For my website analysis paper, I chose to critically analyze This website takes into regard a lot of new things that have developed among the hip hop culture. Rapradar is well planned out in the form of a blog site, and its goal is simple, to spread awareness of the music and artists it is promoting. Each category that is displayed across the frontline of the homepage clicks to a new page and these pages are subject to different topics. Each page is set up in the format of a blog. This allows users to scroll among new to old. The latest information displayed will be at the top of the blog, and it will continue to run through the page and onto the next and so forth. If you’re a new visitor and looking for something specific, there is a search tool on the right side of each page that will allow you to search the entire archive.

     I personally like the blog format that is set up throughout the webpage. It allows people to comment on each post and gain in discussion about certain posts. If you enjoy this type of music, it gives good updates about new music, artists, and news. It also gives recent updates to twitter posts by popular artists. This way, they try to allow their audience to gain awareness of the hip hop culture in any way they can. Whether it be posts from the creator or actual comments through artist’s twitters.  The only discrepancy I have towards the website is that some of the pages don’t have recent info. These pages were kept up for a while, but I suppose they slowly died out. However, the pages that are kept up to date give good insight on many things. They have a ‘focus’ page where it conveys what is going on within the focal point of big business in hip hop. The other categories of true story, gossip, party life, and the rest show different news on those topics. At the bottom of the site, there is a way to contact them in order to get some music that might be created by the public onto the site. It works with promoting new artists and does a solid job in getting their work out for publicity.


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