This is hip hop at it's finest.. Where you find it? In a ziploc.

Web Design Mock-Up


   I’ve chosen to create a mock up home page of the clothing line that my friends and I have actually created. The clothing line is called ‘DopeAtmosphere.’ This isn’t the actual mock up that will be used for our site, but I wanted to create a new one to see how it would turn out. The design of the template proves to be very simple, but I think it appears effective. It may catch the eye of the visitor to the webpage because of the designs and color scheme I have planned out. Compared to other sites, this template displays an easier way to navigate. There are only really three colors displayed… white, red, and black. I chose red because that was always proclaimed in advertising as effective towards catching the eye of a target. All the designs that are used within the template are our actual designs for our clothing line. We developed the ideas, and the three images are what we want to build our brand around. We are heavily influenced by the hip-hop culture and the style that is derived out of it. However, we wanted to create a brand that’s noticed for having a smooth touch. Therefore, I believe this mock up proves to be simple and smooth, but also very innovated towards a new concept. The only discrepancy I really have is the display of our mission statement. I keep looking at it thinking that I might be able to have it appear better, but I can’t seem to come up with a better way of showing it. This would of course come with more time and the ability to create better skills with photoshop. I didn’t use anything from other websites, everything that displayed is created by myself and the team I have with me.


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