This is hip hop at it's finest.. Where you find it? In a ziploc.

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Who is therealtimmyg?

A man with a dream plus some innovation. Co-Founder of DopeAtmosphere Clothing. The ‘Come Up’ Collection will be dropping in Spring 2011. So what’s DopeAtmosphere? DopeAtmosphere, is a new and upcoming streetwear brand heavily inspired by lifestyle and culture. DOPE: is a word that describes the true essence of anything fly, i.e. anything visually or mentally appealing. ATMOSPHERE: not only represents the positivity of our surroundings…but it also represents the altitude in which we cast our dreams.
My team consists of JaeRem & Austeez. Some fly fellas. We will not only be putting out Clothing, but also collaboration projects with many artists. Videos, artwork, and music. This blog will distinguish the type of artists we visualize our ‘movement’ with…  true Hip-Hop. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, & Tumblr as well. Website coming soon.